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miracles in love
Powerful Spiritual Tools to Increase Your Chances of Pregnancy 
How to Energetically Prepare for Baby's Arrival



Call In Your Baby

You feel a yearning for a baby and you're ready to become a Mom.  I work with you to show you how to implement powerful spiritual tools to increase your likelihood of pregnancy. 

In addition, by also allowing me to guide you with easy-to-follow holistic techniques, meditation, and energy healing, your energy shifts and your vibration rises.  A lot. 

This is where miracles occur.   

  Are you ready?  


Preparing for Birth
and Motherhood

You're pregnant!  How to prepare energetically for your baby's arrival.   You want to enjoy your pregnancy and create an uplifting positive vibe around you for your baby-in-the-belly to feel.  I work with you to show you how to do this energetically.  It's a domino effect for the transformation and upleveling of your life so it's brighter, happier and calmer.   Energetic preparation paves the way for a smooth transition from pregnancy, labor and birth to your new life as a parent who is present for her bambino.  

 Are you ready?  


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I am so excited to share this journey with you!

There was a time when I wanted to become pregnant (with my son).  I was busy with a creative job and life I loved but I really wanted to have a family.  I felt there was a side to pregnancy, the holistic side, that was not readily accessible.  

A baby is a miracle, afterall.  And, I craved the addition of spiritual to the equation.  As a spiritual seeker and healer, I learned the spiritual tools and techniques which I want to share with you now.  They are so powerful, they worked for me and they continue to bring miracle after miracle into my life.


From calling in and connecting with your baby, to preparing for birth and motherhood, I hope to help make your journey smoother and easier than you could ever imagine so you have the space to become the happy, empowered, intuitive Mom you deserve to be.

I work with you directly to supplement what you are already receiving through the medical and/or holistic community.


I offer group programs, a community and 1:1 packages for you based on your desires and where you are on your journey.  I provide healing, teach you powerful spiritual tools to increase your likelihood of getting pregnant and show you how to energetically prepare for your baby's arrival.


You are so powerful.

Hi!  I'm Hilery...

the founder of BringInBaby.


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